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James and I spent the weekend with an amazing group of people! No…not amazing….AMAAAAZING group of people! My good friends Jen and Steve were married this weekend in Orlando, Florida- and the weather could not have been more beautiful in central Florida! The weekend went by in a blur, but I do have a list of my top ten moments

1. Seeing my friend Sherry in the lobby of the hotel as I went to go check in. After 5 years, the hug was not long enough.

2. Having the best pesto totellini I’ve ever had at Jen’s Bachelorette dinner!

3. Telling a story about ninjas that just happened to be dressed in purple:)

4. Having a Village Inn breakfast the day after, complete with wedding day crown to give to the bride

5. Watching the look on Mama Welch’s face as she first saw Jen getting ready.

6. Pulling the aisle runner with Sherry during the ceremony. We were so afraid we would fall over when we were wearing heels during the ceremony, that we practiced…Shhh..don’t tell the officiant!

7. Seeing Steve shed a tear as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. Totally teared up at that.

8. Table Number 4!!! Great food, great people!

9. Loved the garter dance Steve performed! What a riot!

10. Photobooth. Nuf’ said.

There were so many more that I could probably add numbers 11-20 on here too, but Saturday came to a close and goodbyes were said. James and I left Sunday morning thinking no one would be awake until noon (we were up at 8:30am…) and needed to get back to St. Augustine to prepare for the work week. As we scanned our room for anything we missed, nothing was found… Little did I know that I as we drove onto I-4 about 15 min later, that I had left my makeup bag at the hotel…..

So needless to say, I’ve been without my makeup for the last few days, and it’s been an interesting experience.  My (wonderful, awesome, loving) husband, sent out an APB on where it may be- and our friend Jenn C. and her fiance Brian took it upon them to try and ask where it was. They waited patiently while the employees looked for it and looked again. Apparently it ended up in a clear plastic bag that was being carried in by some hotel employee….I’ve yet to know the whole story, but they dropped it off at Wedding Jen’s house.   I immediately was thinking of driving down to Orlando to get it (I had other motivations too…I wanted to see my friends:), but Wedding Jen..AKA Mrs. Parrish… said she would send it to me. Now, this girl had just gotten married, had a great weekend with family and friends, and was STILL  looking out for others. Talk about amazing! Interestingly enough, it got me thinking as to what it means to be without makeup and it could be described as ‘ being seen for who you truly are’ and ‘natural’. I look at this past weekend and think that we truly all could have gone without makeup, because we saw each other- exposed as true friends, comforters, and confidantes. As ‘bare’ as I feel now without makeup, I think it is a fitting reminder of this past weekend and all the true, natural, and beautiful people that I know and love.

Congratulations again Jen and Steve! Love you both!








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