Our top Atlanta Date Spots for Valentine’s Day..or any day really! {Atlanta Wedding Photographers}

Ahhh….love. When Matthew and I were first dating, Atlanta mystified me. I had visited before, but really never explored as much as I would have liked. But Matthew had other plans for that. As we are fast approaching Valentine’s Day, we wanted to showcase our top Atlanta date spots that we feel are just right for engaging the mind and the heart.


(not us, but we just loved Sherri and Andrew’s engagement session🙂

1. Fernbank Museum-Martini’s and IMAX

Well, we are pretty partial to this top spot since it was where we had our first date. (Yeah, we are cheesy like that) Who does not love a nice wind down and a documentary? We love this kind of thing, so it was the perfect spot for us. The T-Rex skeleton makes for a great conversation piece and the salsa dancing(on select nights) makes for some wonderful people watching from the balcony. Make sure you check out the planetarium room next to the main area, it’s not as loud and a great place to share a quiet conversation. This place has a special place in our heart as a top date spot:)

2. Rathbun’s

This one falls into the “once every 10 years” category, but it was surely a treat that is for sure. Located in Old Fourth Ward, we celebrated Matthew’s birthday there this past year. Boasting beautiful dry aged steaks and a very posh atmosphere, we felt a little out of our element. We tried to pose for a selfie inside, but it was too dark and the flash would have alerted everyone that we were not from “around these parts”. We took a selfie in front of the door instead. But if you have a bonus from your paycheck and a special event coming up, Rathbun’s did not disappoint! Best.Steak.Ever!

3. High Museum of Art

Yep. We love our museums. And for good reason! The High Museum is so rich with wonderful pieces and exhibits, that it really is a treat. Just so happens, our second date was to the High Museum:) I had mentioned that my favorite painting was Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in earlier conversations. A few days later, Matthew casually mentioned that we go see THAT EXACT PAINTING when he asked me to the High. Ummm…Yes?! The painting itself was beautiful, the Dutch Mona Lisa as they call it. Also. during that specific exhibition, we were treated to even more with paintings displayed by even more Dutch masters, like Rembrandt and Steen.  Such an amazing day! We have been back many times since.

4. Westside Provisions-Jeni’s Ice Cream

It is no secret that we love Atlanta, but when we found Jeni’s Ice Cream, it was love at first sight! You literally have to try to not find a flavor of ice cream that you like. Our favorites are the Buckeye State (of course:), Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Wildberry Lavender. Yep. You heard the last one right. Wildberry Lavender is sooooo good! It will go well with a Spring time date. Be prepared to stand in some long lines though, but really, that is the best time to get some good conversation going. After the ice cream, maybe stop on over to JCT Kitchen for drinks and dancing? Just a thought;)

5. A comedy show at The Goat Farm-or Dad’s Garage-or Sketchworks🙂

We LOVE to laugh. Really. We are those people that lend humor to any situation. It helps us through those rough times where all you need is a good burst of endorphins and energy. We recently saw a show at The Goat Farm Arts Center that was hysterical and have some great friends involved in sketch comedy that we go and see regularly. Every time, we end up in tears and holding each other close because one person is laughing too hard that it’s hardly containable!

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