A Year From Today {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

Matthew and I are wedding fanatics, that is for sure. We love all of the personal touches and frequently become emotional at couples reading their own vows. This past month of weddings has been extremely emotional for me, it seemed at every wedding I could not stop crying at the ceremony. And for good reason too, because a year from today, Matthew and I are going to become husband and wife. See, I can’t even type that without tearing up:) A year from now, we will be MARRIED.

What can I say about this man that is not already evident to the people around us? I could say that he is the kindest, most generous, most compassionate man I have ever met, but that makes me sound like the brides on an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”. I could say that he is my best friend, but that is a given:) I could point out all these things and more, but still not encompass how much LOVE I have for him. The fact that he chose me, that he waited for me, that we endured a 10 month long-distance relationship are things that have already given our relationship a strong foundation. Add to that building a business together and photographing side-by-side! We knew ever since our first date that we were a great team, but being able to accomplish the delicate dance of photographing a wedding and still being able to say “I love you” at the end of the day, is one we are so proud of.  This journey that we are on has already been a roller coaster, with changing names, changing states, starting new jobs and learning a new city,  but I cannot imagine my life any differently.

“How did he ask”?  you say:) Well, we are quite fond of costumes and a little event here in Atlanta called Dragon*Con, you probably never heard of it, that we like to attend each year. This past year we planned all sorts of costumes, from Hobbits to pink cats, we were all ready to take on the world with our cosplay characters. That was until Matthew realized he left one of his at home. Silly Matthew:) Well, we went back to the apartment and got the costume, but also took that time to be alone and away from chaos of 70,000 people. Our conversation in our quiet apartment went a little something like this:

M: So, how about us booking our hotel for next year already? And we have our tickets for next year too, boy that’s a big commitment.

D: Yeah, crazy, do you think we’ll have our same room?

M: It’s a big commitment right, you know, a whole year in advance. You know that I really love you now that we are locked in. I hope we can keep doing this for years to come. (pause) That’s why I want to marry you. Will you marry me?

D: Yeah I kn-(look of shock on my face)….Wait, What? (slowly fading into crying)

M: Will you marry me? (now crying)

D: (shakes head) YES!! (more sobs upon sobs)

M: I don’t even have a ring!! It didn’t get sent in time, that’s why we came back here…

D: I don’t care (more sobbing)

End scene.

That’s pretty much us in a nutshell. The moment was unexpected, but completely right. He didn’t have the ring because the jeweler was waiting for the gem to come in, but Matthew still hoped it *might* have shown up. It didn’t matter at all. Just the fact that the question had been asked was enough.  We went back to Dragon*Con, newly engaged, and bought “The One Ring” (you know, from Lord of the Rings?the one to Rule them all?) at a vendor booth to act as place holder. Standing in the lobby of the vendor halls,  he put the “One Ring” on my left hand and asked again “Will you marry me?”, I said yes -again- and willed myself not to cry. It was magical, we were in our own little world and had that moment among 70,000 other people. We celebrated that night by dressing up like some of our favorites cartoon characters (I was a pink cat-email me and I’ll tell you what show it was from) and just kept repeating the phrase “we are getting married to one another over and over again. My actual engagement ring came a few weeks later from a local jeweler here in Atlanta, and I cried over that too.(I’m a crier:) A sky-blue sapphire in a vintage filigree setting. My heart sings when I look at it.

A year from today, I will be committing myself to my soul mate and best friend who just happens to be the most generous and most compassionate person I know. He’s not only a fabulous photographer, but he is also going to be my partner -my HUSBAND-for life, through as many adventures this world will allow us to have together. I cannot wait to travel, learn, grow, and love more than I ever thought possible with him.

Cheers and Tons of Love!



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