Hello there! We are so excited to start photographing in 2015, that in true Peach and Oak fashion, we want to gift an engagement session to any wonderful couple that books us for their wedding day in 2015/16 during the month of January:) This gift includes a 1 hour session within the Metro-Atlanta area and an online gallery to download and print your photos from. If you are on the fence about being be on board with engagement sessions, take at a look at these top 5 reasons we think you should!


1. It gives you and your photographer time to get to know each other.

Most of the time, your photographer is not going to be a close friend or even someone you know. In order to create some wonderful images, you need to feel as though your photographer has your best interest at heart. During the session, you will hopefully chat and laugh as you are being photographed with your fiance, which will definitely make for some great memories!


2. It give you time to see your Photographers’ style.

Not every two photographers are alike. Some like to give a lot of direction in photographs, others do not (we like a good mix of both organic and posed shots-just as a side note). You need to feel comfortable with their style because on your wedding day you will be taking a lot of pictures. A. lot:)



3. It will give you a sense of ease on your wedding day.

Weddings can definitely make some people nervous, but what you do not want to be nervous about is who will be responsible about capturing your wedding day. Having an engagement session will make you feel comfortable with that person you are trusting to photograph you on such an occasion .


4. It will make you feel confident in front of the camera on your wedding day!

Not only will it boost your confidence in your photographer, but it will boost yours as well! When you receive that gallery and all you can think of is how good you both look in pictures, you immediately start thinking of how gorgeous your pictures will be on your wedding day. It will definitely give you that extra assurance on that day that you look good-and everyone knows it!


5. It will force you to HAVE FUN!

Really, in the end, you are creating some beautiful portraits with the one that you love. Ones that you will cherish for the lovely imperfections of the day (a stifled giggle, a crooked smile, a serious moment that turns into a huge fit of laughter). Those really are the best pictures, actually.

So, there you have it! 5 reasons to take advantage of a complimentary engagement session! Share this page with someone you know or contact us with your questions.

Don’t forget to “like” our page on Facebook!


We hope to see all you wonderful people smile in 2015!!

-Dawn and Matthew


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Morgan and Aubrey are the epitome of awesome. I mean, when someone had their engagement session at an Art Museum while skateboarding, that is a whole new level of amazing. Their Merry Hill Farm wedding did not disappoint either! With a beautiful plantation home and grounds as their backdrop, Morgan and Aubrey shared vows and love on a bright September day. The day started with two lovely and gorgeous peacocks crossing my path as we photographed the grounds that would soon host their nuptials. A bonfire was ready to be lit that night, lawn games were set up for guests to play, and a checkerboard dance floor and lights were hung with the promise of fun and laughter later in the evening. Morgan and her ladies got ready in the top floor of the house, while the gentlemen got ready in the side cottage. They all hung around talking and sharing stories as Aubrey had a clean shave and a fresh haircut. Morgan’s bridesmaids looked beautiful in their dusty gray dresses as they helped Morgan into her own stunning vintage inspired gown. Aubrey was taken aback by her beauty as she walked down the aisle with her father, her face beaming and holding back tears herself. The beautiful arbor at the beginning of the aisle was handmade by Aubrey and they later walked under it as husband and wife, crying tears of joy at the symbolic nature of it all. Later in the night, Morgan’s father offered his own teary toasts in the form of poems and books from Morgan’s childhood, that left everyone with a full heart. The late summer sun set and the dance floor became alive with friends and family partying the night away. Outside of the glow of the fire, everyone was beaming with the love that was shared that day. Congratulations Morgan and Aubrey! Thank you for allowing us to share in your wedding day!

-Dawn and Matthew

  • gonzalo - LOVE, love, love your pictures. This North Carolina wedding rocks. Very talented wedding photographer here!!ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - Peach and Oak Photography, you have an amazing way with words! The description you gave of this gorgeous wedding at Merry Hill Farm made me want to keep reading and then to see the photos you described was really fun! Great blog and beautiful wedding. Well done!ReplyCancel

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  • Ashley Eiban - Oh what a BEAUTIFUL wedding! This bride just radiates happiness!! That black and white one where she’s putting on her lipstick is just so amazing! Merry Hill Farm is the perfect setting for this beautiful North Carolina couple! Peach and Oak Photography- you sure are a talented wedding photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Great wedding, love the feel of your edit. Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Beautiful wedding photos and couple! You did an amazing job capturing the day and all the details. Merry Hill Farm looks like a fun destination to visit in North Carolina, I’ll have to check it out!ReplyCancel

  • Renee W. - Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me wish I had my wedding in North Carolina at Merry Hill Farm. The bride did a great job incorporating vintage touches.ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Merry Hill Farm is beautiful! I love North Carolina so much! Such a gorgeous wedding!ReplyCancel

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  • amanda myers - Wow – this is gorgeous wedding photography! North Carolina is, in my opinion, one of the most picturesque states, and Merry Hill Farm is such a perfect wedding location. I love all the vintage touches.ReplyCancel

  • Allison Anderson - What a wonderfully fun and rustic wedding at Merry Hill Farm! The bride is stunning and they both look so happy. Peach and Oak Photography, you did an amazing job capturing the spirit of their wedding day in North Carolina.ReplyCancel

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We met Matt and Kathleen through another wonderful couple we photographed , Andrew and Sherri. Andrew is Matt’s brother and we are so thankful to have been a part of both of their weddings this year! We had such a great time getting to know the Littlefield family and were a little sad when wedding season was over. But on a beautiful, rainy day in July, my partner Matthew and I photographed a SPECTACULAR wedding in Big Canoe that celebrated Matt and Kathleen’s long time love for each other. When we arrived at the Chimneys at Big Canoe, their outdoor wedding ceremony plans were moved inside, but the decor was gorgeous with origami cranes, bright wild flowers and lanterns adorning the fireplace where they would share vows. It was only sprinkling rain, so we went ahead with our plan to do bride and groom portraits at the cabin where Matt had proposed to Kathleen. We literally had to ford a river to get there by truck, but it was so worth it! This cute little cabin was nestled on a trail that the couple had hiked one day. Matt’s family worked hard to set up a little picnic the day he proposed so the couple could celebrate in style. Everything was brought full circle as we photographed them on their wedding day.

The wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful room, where Matt and Kathleen made their way to the altar together. There was nary a dry eye in the room as the readings were read and the vows were said. The love these two had for each other was so real and vibrant, it was a joy to observe. After the ceremony we made our way to Matt’s parents’ house in Big Canoe, that made for a wonderful backdrop for the celebrations of the day. Backing up to the forest and the mountains, their home was so inviting and felt made for this occasion. The biggest surprise was the homemade quilt that hung on the fireplace, that guests made patches for beforehand. It was so moving to watch Matt and Kathleen look at all the love their family and friends showed them. Both families made us feel, well, right at home, and we chatted and celebrated well into the evening. The day was a mix of perfect love and vintage touches. From the cute lace dress that Kathleen wore, to the burlap sign on the wedding cake, the family transformed the day into a timeless masterpiece to remember. Congratulations Matt and Kathleen Littlefield! We were so happy to share in your wedding day!

  • Sonya - Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Their wedding was in their taste. You did a wonderful job at this wedding in the Georgia mountains. Great job wedding photography.ReplyCancel

  • Patty - What a sweet sweet wedding! I love all the vintage details of this wedding. This couple will look back at these pictures with pure joy and you did a great job photographing their special day.ReplyCancel

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  • Harshita - Beautiful wedding!!! I love this gorgeous Atlanta location!!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Eiban - What a beautiful wedding! The Chimneys at Big Oak look like the most perfect venue! and I LOVE that the bride wore her rain boots for this rustic Georgia wedding! You did such a great job capturing their love and joy for their big day! Great job Peach and Oak Photography!!ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - This wedding looks like so much fun! I loved every detail! Her boots–totally awesome! This wedding looked sweet, relaxed and totally focused on love, and your beautiful photography captured it all to perfection. The Chimneys at Big Canoe looks like the perfect wedding venue, and this was the perfect Georgia wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Myers - Beautiful wedding photos at Big Canoe! I was married in the North Georgia Mountains myself, so that place holds a special place in my heart. These photos bring me there, I love how you captured them naturally.ReplyCancel

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  • Sarah Sweetman - Oh my goodness – this wedding was so sweet – I bet you had so much fun photographing this cute couple. I love her lacey dress with gumboots and all the vintage details. This location in Georgia Mountains was perfect for their unique style. You did an amazing job capturing every moment. Well doneReplyCancel

  • Bailey - what a lovely rustic wedding. I love the brides boots! Very good story telling wedding photography.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Flowers - What a beautiful simplistic wedding in the GA Mountains!I loved the vintage feeling from all of the photo’s you took of the bride and groom! You did an amazing job with all of the details photo’s of their special day!! The bride was beautiful and the groom was happy indeed!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Amazing wedding, I love how personal and rustic this wedding is! Peach and Oak photography you did an amazing job capturing all the details of their wedding. Not only with the wedding party and guest but the details of their surroundings.ReplyCancel

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When I met Andrew and Erica, I had a feeling they were a “power” couple. Y0u know, one of those couples that are incredibly compatible and amazingly accomplished? Their personalities complimented one another perfectly during our Westside Atlanta engagement session. We met at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for a sweet and cold treat on a Sunday afternoon in HOT-lanta (I now know the true meaning of that term of endearment for this wonderful city). Jeni’s provided a cute backdrop for them to share a few scoops of ice cream. One of which that caught our eye was Jeni’s “Buckeye State” flavor, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream named after the candy awesomeness known as a “buckeye” in Ohio. Both Andrew and Erica are Northerners from Ohio and moved to Atlanta together.  When we were talking, I mentioned that I grew up in Ohio as well and missed seeing the seasons changing, which definitely was something Erica loved (sweaters, boots, scarves, all the cute stuff:) They also told us they were Ohio State Buckeyes fans and at that moment I KNEW they power couple! We had a great time hanging out around Star Provisions area, laughing and getting chased by security guards (who knew a brick wall was privately owned?) and then over to Atlantic Station for a stroll around the lake. Congratulations on your engagement Andrew and Erica, we wish you much happiness in your life together!


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I am so happy to share this summer wedding! Yes, I know, summer:) School started for me about 6 weeks ago and finding a balance in a new job and a new city has been rewarding, yet challenging. Onto the wedding!

Carolin and Greg were married at First Presbyterian Church of Athens on July 12th. I photographed their engagement session at the University of Georgia on a beautiful spring day. Carolin wore yellow and scarlet, which she continued into her wedding day color scheme. The weather on that summer day was gorgeous as well (boy are they lucky!) and we had a great venue to work with. The First Presbyterian Church is so breathtaking, you really need to see it in person. The sanctuary alone will give you goosebumps! When we arrived, I found Carolin lounging with a coffee, fully dressed and fresh hair and makeup with her bridesmaids. She was stunning! I have not seen someone so relaxed and poised before their wedding day and she just was positively glowing with excitement. Greg, although he did not show it, was nervous. He was handsome in the gray suit and soft yellow vest. Surrounded by friends and family, they shared sweet vows with each other and before God in that beautiful sanctuary. Matthew and I were met with such a warm reception from their families, it was awesome to see such love each of them had from Carolin and Greg. Congratulations to the two of you! Cheers!

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