Carly and Jordan-what can I say about them? They are a PERFECT couple, No joke! So laid back, so amazing to work with, and awesome to talk to! Not to mention they are just downright gorgeous:) They met while applying for the same job, not awkward at all huh? But, they both procured jobs at the same company and started a relationship from there. Jordan thought that Carly looked like a movie star (aka, Amy Adams) and Carly was impressed by Jordan’s good looks and humor. I traveled to Tallahassee for their engagement session and we visited the Doak Campbell Stadium first, where they both work. They are die hard FSU fans and their love for their alma matter is envious. I LOVED being able to photograph them in the empty stadium, such an awesome sight to see-and being close to the field-awesome! We then drove across town to Maclay Gardens, which if you are ever are in Tallahassee is a must see. I am extremely blessed to have met them as a couple and am truly excited for their wedding next May. Congratulations Carly and Jordan! GO NOLES!



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I am always happy to photograph people in love, so when I had the chance to photograph my sister and her fiance Josh, I was stoked! Josh makes Melinda extremely happy and they balance each other out really well. I know when I see them together that they are a good couple and will continue to be for years to come. We went for an early afternoon engagement session at the Whalehead Club in Outer Banks, NC. We went a bit early in the afternoon, because we had to be back for dinner and the family ‘cornhole‘ tournament (anyone not familiar, please google it, totally not an obscenity:) We chose this location for it’s wonderful mix of backdrops: the sound, a bridge, the clubhouse itself, and then the lighthouse in the distance. We also chose a day where they were doing an Art Show, which was closing down when we got there, but still had some pretty neat stuff from local artists. At one point during our engagement session, we ran into my aunt and uncle who were enjoying a wine tasting there that afternoon, which made for a nice intermission. All in all, I had a great time photographing them as a couple (they even went along with me suggesting to put Melinda in a tree…..also there was an interesting truck  painted like a chicken that I made them stand next to…and the cactus patch I made them sit by….-you guys are such great sports!) I cannot wait for June when I have the privilege of photographing their wedding in Ohio! Love you both!

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This summer is just FLYING by! It seems like on yesterday I was finishing the school year and preparing for our first big summer adventure-A Family Reunion in the Outer Banks, NC!!! Well, since then that week has come and gone and we are now about a month away from from school starting again, but I want to recap the week and the absolutely wonderful family that my husband and I have the priveledge of being a part of.

Our family is so large that we needed three beach homes to house them all. Yep, three. All of them complete with a pool, hot-tub, and beach about 100 yds or so away. While others looked at me when I told them this with disbelief -and somewhat horror- at sharing a family vacation with 50 of my closest relatives, I relayed to them that is how it has been growing up and unless you have grown up with those experiences, it can be quite intimidating-heck, it still is! But the great part about our family is that it seems we can always pick up where we left off and even welcome newcomers as if they have been there all along (at least that is how James felt). We started off our family vacation with a cold and somewhat gray afternoon walk to the beach. Some of my youngest cousins had not seen the beach before and then proceeded to splash and run through the water, while the older members replayed their own carefree moments of childhood and shared in their thrill of a newly formed memory. It brought me back to glimpses of my parents and my uncle taking me to the beach in San Diego, just glimpses though.

After that first night of getting reaquainted and chatting about life, we settled into the promise of a beatiful beach day when we woke. Monday proved to be a great weather-other than the fact that the surf was out of control! The lifeguards were definitely out in force making sure we knew what was going on. Monday was also the first night where one of the houses made dinner for the whole family. Of course being of Irish/Scottish decent the first night’s meal was -Mexican! We had bountiful amonts of sangria, tacos, salsa, and the jalepeno poppers of doom ( They were so good, but you didn’t know which popper was going to be the one that set your mouth on fire!). We watched videos of family reunions past, which made some of us question fashion choices and also had those “what were we thinking?” moments. All in all, it made us remember where we were as a family and how far we actually have come since then.

Our house had its turn to make dinner on day 3-we had been designated with Italian. Our menu consisted of meatballs and sauce, a large salad, garlic bread, and cookies and ice cream. Since the night before the Mexican house dressed up festively in bright colors and bandanas, we thought it would be interesting if we would wear-what else- black mustaches! Well, my Aunt Beth was all over that task! She cut up a black drink coozie and tied string to the middle of it and -voila!-had about 10 different styles of mustache that people could wear and enjoy! A HUGE hit! After a successful dinner, we went to the beach to go “ghost crabbing” with flashlights in tow. Another must do up in the Outer Banks.

Day four, the last house had a dinner of delicious seafood and pulled pork sandwiches! So good!!! We continued that night with our  Cornhole tournament, celebrating birthdays, and ended with ice cream sandwiches. The next few days we explored more of the area, went to the beach a lot, fished, shared stories, and made sure we took family pictures. After a week of fun, laughter, and love, it was nice to be able to take those memories with us and look back on pictures to remember them. I love my family and think that I am a pretty blessed women to have such talented, funny, and caring people around me. Thank you all again for a great vacation!!!

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