As wedding photographers, we can read the flow of a wedding like the back of our hand. We can account for the amount of time portraits may take and change our strategies for the rest of the wedding day to accommodate the wishes of the wedding couple.

But planning our own wedding timeline has been a process all on it’s own. Luckily we have an idea on how to tackle our timeline as we have been a part of 45+ weddings, so here are some of the tips that we are using to plan the best possible timeline for our own photographers and vendors. It’s a bit longer than our usual journal entries, but I hope it will help you in creating your own timeline

1. Plan for the photographer to start AT LEAST two and a half hours before the ceremony. 

If you are looking for wedding day images that look curated and polished, you need to give your photographers time to do so. Setting up invitation detail shots, finding places to hang a dress, and photographing all the small floral or reception details you have spent months planning out,  takes at least a 30 minutes for a photographer to do. Add to that the time needed to capture your “getting ready” routine of hair, makeup, putting on the dress, veil, etc, and your photographer needs about 40-45 min. to capture all of those details. Putting on a wedding dress and veil takes longer than you think it will be. Even if the dress is a quick zip up. Brides and bridesmaids- leave about 25-30 min for getting into your wedding attire. This is crucial for everything else to stay on time- nothing else can happen unless everyone is completely ready.

Dena-Malachi-autrey-mill-nature-center-wedding-web (3 of 22)



corry house weddingDena-Malachi-autrey-mill-nature-center-wedding-web (2 of 28)


Grooms, you can get ready a little bit quicker and that 25-30 min. can be used to take groomsmen portraits. After this, you may have about 20 minutes for few quick bridal or groom portraits in a safe location where guests (and your fiance if you choose not have a first look) will not see you. Know that your guests will arrive at least 30 minutes before your ceremony and you need to be tucked away not taking pictures before then. It’s better to have more time planned before the ceremony than to rush everything before you walk down the aisle, you do not need the added stress:)


Pro-Tip: If you are planning a “First Look” or handhold picture with your beloved, plan for an extra 30 minutes in your timeline. This gives time to walk to the location, for the photographers and wedding planners to coordinate times, and the actual “first look” itself to take place. If you are doing a “first look”, you more than likely will have a few portraits taken of you two before the ceremony too, so that is factored into the time.

first look

2. After the ceremony

Mazel Tov! You’re married!! The time right after the ceremony is really exciting and- to be honest- a bit stressful.  After the ceremony is where most family pictures will take place, and if not planned for, may be stressful if there are large groups of people expecting to take pictures. We suggest talking with your fiance beforehand about who you all would like pictures with and create a list of grouping your would like (ex. Bride and Groom with bride’s cousins, bride with aunts, etc). We work family portraits by working from the largest groups to the smallest pairings, so that is a good place to start for thinking of your list. Family portraits usually take between 30 minutes for smaller families and up to 45 minutes for larger families, and do not usually start until about 10-15 minutes after the ceremony when the area is cleared of other guests.  If you only have one hour between ceremony and reception, think about doing a “first look” and have immediate family portraits before the ceremony to save time. Any groupings we do not get to, we also can ask help from the DJ during the reception to call family groups to the dancefloor or other designated location.

Dena-Malachi-autrey-mill-nature-center-wedding-web (13 of 22)



Pro Tip: Make sure all people that are included in pictures KNOW they are included, or else we will spend precious time trying to find them. Designate a family member from both sides to keep track and call out family members’ names from the portrait list the day of the wedding, it will help us out immensely!

Dena-Malachi-autrey-mill-nature-center-wedding-web (14 of 22)

After family portraits, it is time for bridal party and couple portraits. If your portraits are offsite of the reception or ceremony venue, add about 30 minutes to your timeline for travel. Limit your offsite stops and make sure everyone in the wedding party knows where you are going. Look up the area and make sure there are no events happening that day, or else factor in more time for parking and walking. Make sure your photographers know what you are going as well:) Bridal party portraits take between 20-30 minutes, with larger wedding parties naturally taking more time to organize.

Xan-Matt-Atlanta-LDS-Temple (7 of 8)


Couple portraits, leave about 20-25 minutes if you have had portraits before the ceremony, but we want to make sure you have pictures of you two as a newly married couple and not have a crunch for time trying to do them. We always suggest setting aside some time before sunset for a few portraits too, because that light is the best there is all day. If you do not take any other portraits that day, make it a point to plan for some about 30 minutes before sunset that day. Use this sunset calculator to figure out the sunset time on your wedding day.

3. Reception

This is where you can relax a bit and but loose with friends and family! We work with DJ’s to make sure our reception timelines are the same and that we know what is happening next. Typically, the reception starts one hour to an hour and a half after the ceremony. At that time, the wedding couple is announced in and there is a blessing of the food. After food is served, we will photograph any details that we didn’t have time for before and that will lead into the first dances, toasts, cake cutting, and any other events you want to include that day.

Atlanta wedding photographer

Pro Tip: If you do not think you want the photographers to stay until the end and you really want an “exit” picture, consider holding a “fake exit” earlier and then continuing to party. If you do have them stay at the end, plan to start the wedding exit about 15 minutes before the end of the reception.




We know that there is a lot to think about on your wedding day and making sure you have enough time for portraits should not be a worry.  Weddings count on a lot of people to come together at once to create a huge event, but not everyone can be completely reliable and timelines need to reflect a bit of flexible timing in order to account for events out of our control.

We would love to help you plan your wedding day timeline! Email us for the sample timeline we use and for more tips and ideas for being efficient with the time on your wedding day.

Congratulations and Cheers on your upcoming wedding day!

-Dawn and Matthew



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  • Kathy - Fantastic tips! Especially the one about family portraits between the wedding and the reception. It’s such a crazy time on a wedding day, it certainly helps to have an organized photographer who knows how to manage the time and help make your day run smoothly!ReplyCancel

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  • Samantha - Such great advice! I couldn’t agree more with these wedding day timeline tips. Having your photographer present for the pre wedding shenanigans all the way until the send off really makes for a beautiful wedding album that will tell the story of the best day of your life for ever and ever.ReplyCancel

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Bianca and Maurice met when they were in culinary school. Maurice was trying to get her attention, but Bianca didn’t give him the time of day. After awhile working close together, he wore her down and eventually got her to agree to go on a date. Since then, their love for food, cooking, and each other has grown by leaps and bounds. Their Piedmont Room wedding last August was a gorgeous late summer event, filled with love and laughter the full day. The Piedmont room was a great venue, as it is situated on the corner of Piedmont Park and the Beltline and has outstanding views of the downtown skyline. The elegant purple and gold theme was carried out all through their wedding day decor. We had such great light during “golden hour” at the park, Bianca and Maurice were stunning as the sun set between the downtown buildings. Their guests were then treated to a spectacular dance party later in the evening.  Congratulations you guys, we wish you so much happiness trying out new recipes together:)


Dawn and Matthew

The front entrance to the The Piedmont Roomceremony preparation with chifari chairs at the piedmont room in atlanta georgiaBrides dress and earring before her wedding at The Piedmont Roompurple bridal bouquet on a windowsill and shoes hanging from an iron gatebridal portrait at the piedmont room in Atlanta Georgiabridal portrait at the Piedmont Room in Atlanta Georgiabridesmaids in purple dresses at the piedmont room in Atlanta georgiagroomsmen in purple shirts standing outside the piedmont room atlanta georgiagroom standing next to wall at the piedmont room in atlanta georgiaFloral arrangement on pillar at The Piedmont RoomWedding cake on display at The Piedmont Roomflower girls in purple dresses at the piedmont room in atlanta georgiagroom looking at his bride coming down the aisle at the piedmont room in atlanta georgiabride coming down the aisle with a purple bouquet in Atlanta Georgiabride and groom at the altar saying vows to each otherbride and groom saying vows at the altarhappy bride and groom coming down the aisle at the piedmont roomAtlanta skyline seen from The Piedmont Roombride and groom portraits at piedmont park atlanta georgiablack and white portrait of bride and groom at piedmont parksunset on bride and groom in piedmont park atlanta georgiabride and groom sharing their first dance at the piedmont room atlanta georgiawedding reception at the piedmont room in atlanta georgiapurple wedding reception at piedmont room in atlanta georgiawedding reception at the piedmont room atlanta georgiawedding sparkler exit at the piedmont room in atlanta georgia

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Living in Atlanta has its perks for sure, but any time we can leave and explore a new part of Georgia, is a welcome treat! We visited The Corry House last spring for a bridal portrait session, but went back again in August for Christina and Ryan’s romantic, southern wedding. There is something indeed about this quiet plantation home that is so inviting and relaxing. The wedding day started with Christina upstairs getting ready with her girls. She had with her an antique hand mirror and a dressing shawl that was her great-grandmother’s. Every detail of Christina’s wardrobe was vintage-inspired and fit the theme of her wedding perfectly, right down to that gorgeous lace, flutter-sleeve gown! Ryan looked sharp with his guys, wearing blue-grey suits and ties. Ryan had a special addition to his wardrobe- a pocket watch on a chain with Christina’s picture inside. He had it out during their “first look” and it was such a touching moment as he looked down at her picture.

Christina and Ryan chose to have their wedding in the woods near the plantation home, which was a lovely tree-lined clearing with strings of bulb lights from the altar. The whole scene was ethereal and beautiful. The heart-felt ceremony was a perfect mix of humor and emotion, and even their pit-bull Daisy was so excited for them, she ran out of her flower collar and leash! After a large wedding photo, we settled into portraits with the friendliest horses at the property and played on old swings hanging on oak trees. The day was hot, but friends and family danced the night away in the renovated barn. We walked away with the smell of sparklers and smooth country air hanging around us, but with lasting memories of this wonderful rustic summer wedding. Congratulations again Christina and Ryan!


Dawn and Matthew



corry house weddingThe-Corry-House-Wedding-Georgia-portraits-Atlanta-rustic-vintage-fine-art-8265The-Corry-House-Wedding-Georgia-portraits-Atlanta-rustic-vintage-fine-art-2456The-Corry-House-Wedding-Georgia-portraits-Atlanta-rustic-vintage-fine-art-2438

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  • Samantha - I literally have chills moving up and down my spine right now. Oh my goodness these photos are so unbelievably amazing. This Corry House wedding is just stunning. You did such an amazing job conveying the vintage, natural feel of this couple’s beautiful wedding! The first touch photos brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing story you created with these photos!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Wow, Peach and Oak this is an amazingly stunning wedding. Talk about a dream fairy tale come to life, almost like a wedding tale from out of a movie. The stunning wedding photographs from in the woods most of been a dream come true for this married duo. I will say one of my favorites was the sun peeking through the trees and it looked like fog. You have an amazing eye for detail and so creative. I can only imagine the excitement this couple had when viewing their wedding photos with you.ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - This wedding at The Corry House in Union Point, Georgia just made my heart skip a beat. One gorgeous image after another! I want to move to Georgia now! And I love Christina’s feminine vintage looking wedding dress. The lace detail is stunning. My favorite image is where the bride is on the swing being held by her groom. So perfect! Thank you for sharing these amazing wedding photos!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - Wow this is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could go to Georgia and get married all over again at this location. Just so beautiful. It seems like every detail of this wedding was just perfect. And obviously captured by a very talented photographer!!ReplyCancel

  • rebecca - How personal and magical is this wedding…? You captured it beautifully.ReplyCancel

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We absolutely LOVE engagement sessions! It gives us a chance to get to know our couples before the wedding day, which is really important to us.  It develops the trust and relationship with your photographer, which will help make your wedding portraits so much more natural. We believe if you have an engagement session beforehand, it gives you an idea how your photographer works and will give you the confidence you need to rock your portraits with ease on your wedding day.


So, how DO you prepare for a wonderful and fun engagement session? We have 5 tips that we know will help you ROCK your engagement pictures.

1. Location, Location, Location!

What type of mood are you trying to portray? Soft and romantic? Edgy or moody? Relaxed and Fun? A combination? The location your choose will help set that intention for you and your photographer. If you have a favorite spot you both enjoy going to or a spot that has a lot of meaning to you as a couple works beautifully. From coffee shops to beaches, your location should reflect who you both are as a couple. If you are looking at event venues or private gardens, make sure you check the location for a photography fee beforehand. Your photographer would appreciate it:)

Pro Tip: Do scout out your location before your session day, either on Google Maps if it is far away or drive to the actual location. Always research if there are events going on the day you are scheduled for your session!







2. Choosing your Outfits and Accessories

Just to get it out there, we are NOT big fans of matching outfits. That does not fit our style. The kinds of outfits we love to see our couples wear are ones they feel beautiful/handsome in and ones that are comfortable to move in. It’s important to wear something that gives you a bit of “oomph” when it comes to confidence in front of the camera. Depending upon your style, your outfit should reflect that. Flowy tops/skirts/dresses + flower crown= soft/romantic mood, while a button-down shirt + bowtie reflects a more fun and stylish mood. For our stylish brides-to-be, try Rent the Runway for your engagement outfit and accessories, they have some fantastic pieces! Head on over to our Pinterest boards for more inspiration for outfits and style.

Pro Tip: If you have a makeup trial coming up, perhaps schedule it on the day you are having the engagement photos. You will have that boost of confidence AND get to see what your wedding day makeup would be like.




3. Have fun in front of the camera!

Let’s face it, unless you are used to being photographed everyday, there are some nerves that come with being put in front of a photographer and told to “act natural”. What does that even mean? For example, if your photographer asks you to put your foreheads together and look down to get a romantic feel to the pose, there is nothing about that that feels natural. As photographers, we give you direction and place you in poses to get the desired feel you are looking for in your engagement session. But one thing is for sure, do not get caught up in making the poses look “perfect”. Once a photographer places you in a pose or asks you to do something, you can make it your own. If you are touching foreheads with your loved one and looking down, whisper to them, nuzzle into them, make it about that moment you are in. Make sure you also laugh and look lovingly at your beloved throughout the session, there is no need to take it so seriously. You are creating memories with these pictures as well as celebrating the reason you are taking them.

Pro Tip: Bring bobby pins for unexpected wind and lipstick to touch up between kisses. Prep your significant other by “trying out” poses at home- they may feel less awkward if you practice beforehand:)




There you have it, our top 3 engagement session tips. The main thing to keep in mind is the reason why you are taking the pictures in the first place-because you are getting married! Whether these pictures are being given as gifts, being used as Save-The-Dates, or used at the wedding reception, they need to reflect you as a couple.

If you have any questions for us about these tips or anything else engagement related, do not hesitate to send us an email, we would love to hear from you!


Dawn and Matthew


  • Katerina Foster - Three things I always tell my clients! Very nice blog post!ReplyCancel

    • peachandoak - Thank you Katerina! We definitely want our couples to know what they can expect from an engagement session with us:)ReplyCancel

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    • peachandoak - Thank you Abigail! We definitely love engagement sessions!ReplyCancel

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  • laura - dawn and matthew,

    i love all these tips when getting engagement photos taken. my favorite tip was number 3 about having fun in front of the camera. explained beautifully with lots of ideas. the engagement photography is beautiful.


  • Jamie - SUCH great advice. It is amazing how much the story telling of an image is improved when the details are planned!ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - These are all great engagement session tips! It is such a great thing when a couple can work with their wedding photographer prior to the big day just to learn how to work with each other. And it is such a great thing to have portraits together without the formal wedding attire involved! Any clients working with Peach and Oak Photography can be assured they are in good hands!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - These tips for engagement sessions are fantastic. So helpful for any couple looking to get their engagement photos done!! It is so hard to know what to expect when you haven’t done this before. I think the wardrobe tips are some of the best, as what to choose to wear can really stress people out. But truly there is probably nothing more important than relaxing and having fun!!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Melugin - Oh how I would have loved to have advice prior to our engagement session. What a great idea – to then – give to your clients to prep them for their perfect session and make the images remarkable.!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - What helpful tips! A lot of these tips are things couples would never even think about so thank you for posting some tips from a photographer’s perspective. Couples may sometimes get overwhelmed when it comes to making these important engagement session decisions but this post broke it down so simply. Love the “prep your significant other” by trying out poses ahead of time tip. So clever!ReplyCancel

  • Esther - This is such a helpful blog post about how to prepare for engagement photography. I’m excited to see more of your engagement sessions this year!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - I loved reading your tips!! They were so helpful! I have a sister who is getting married soon and I will definitely sharing this with her! I definitely agree with you that the engagement session is an important part of your wedding photography. It’s like a warm-up for the big day 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Brandi H - Awesome tips – and I especially agree about the bobby pins for unexpected wind! While wind can make some gorgeous photos, it can also just get in the way!ReplyCancel

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We met Christine and Brian at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last September. The Tuesday evening was warm and Atlanta had a few showers in the area that day. Despite the humidity, that evening was gorgeous, the light was beautiful in the gardens it seemed light everything was glowing. As we got to know these two, we found out they were planning their wedding in Ireland and looking forward to more traveling within the year. This couple has traveled all around Asia and the United States and had just returned from a stay in Ireland, which obviously they fell in love with. We walked around the grounds and photographed at the actually spot by the pond and living sculpture where Brian proposed. Our favorite part was the greenhouse area where there was tons of beautiful muted light and lovely greenery. It was so enjoyable to see these two having fun with each other and talking about starting their life of traveling together. It motivated Matthew and I to start thinking about our travel plans seriously for the next year:) Congratulations Christine and Brian!


  • Milana - Sweet couple and beautiful photos!!!ReplyCancel

  • harshita - Beautiful Engagement pictures…love the expressions and the beautiful backdrop you have choosen 🙂 You are very talented Atlanta wedding photographer and this couple has chosen the right person to capture their memoriesReplyCancel

  • sarah sweetman - What a beautiful engagement photo shoot – I love how you captured the love they share as well as the fun too. The locations at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens was perfect for setting the scene for every amazing photograph. I bet you cant wait for their wedding next!ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Beautiful couple! I love the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and it was the perfect location for their engagement session!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - I couldn’t agree with you more! The greenhouse images are my favorite as well and set a beautiful backdrop for Christine and Brian’s engagement pictures. Atlanta Botanical Gardens is just stunning and oh so romantic for an engagement session. Gorgeous Atlanta engagement photography!ReplyCancel

  • Esther - Gorgeous engagement photos! The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a beautiful location to take photos. I’m sure this couple will treasure these for many years.ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - What a dapper couple! I love that they had an outfit change, but the first set of photos with him in the suit and her in the blue dress are my favorite. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are absolutely stunning. I love how you found so many interesting textures. What a beautiful couple! Too bad they are not getting married in Atlanta so you can be their wedding photographer. But who knows, maybe you will still do their Ireland destination wedding?!ReplyCancel

  • Nicola - This engagement session at the Atlanta Botannical Gardens is gorgeous! I love the colours of the garden and hiw relaxed and in love Christine and Brian look. It’s so romantic that they now have engagement photos at the spot where Brian actually proposed.ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Storment - The Atlanta Botanical gardens are a great locations for engagement photos. I love this engagement session! I can’t wait to see their Atlanta Wedding coming up. Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is such an amazing place for an engagement session, made even more special since his proposed to his fiance there. That’s so cool. Your photographs are so beautiful and do such a wonderful job showing the love this couple has for each other.ReplyCancel

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