Casey and Daniel were married on a beautiful October day in St. Augustine, Florida. After photographing their GORGEOUS engagement session at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, we knew that their wedding pictures would somehow need to surpass them, and indeed they did! We met Casey at the Bayfront Marin House, looking beautiful and full of nervous energy while getting ready with her bridesmaids and family. As she put on her lovely lace vintage wedding dress, Casey’s mom’s eyes started to tear up as did many of her bridesmaids. While I was with Casey, Matthew was getting Daniel really for their first look in front of the house. He wore a  dark grey suit and rustic boutonniere that complimented Casey’s lace dress. We love when couples want to have a first look, it is such a beautiful moment to be able to share together and have that time to say hello and dust a little of the nerves off. Their first look was so sweet and the look of anticipation on Daniel’s face was classic suspense! He was taken aback by how stunning Casey was as he turned around and saw his soon to be wife for the first time in her wedding dress. We were lucky enough after that to be able to take some portraits of then alone before going back and meeting up with the rest of the bridal party to whisked away to St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church for the ceremony. St. Cyprian’s is a hidden gem of a church in St. Augustine. The light coming through the stained glass windows is so amazing against the dark wood of the pews and altar area. You can feel the history of the church in the oldest city as soon as you walk through the doors. Casey and Daniel’s reception was held at the Bayview Room next to A1A Ale Works. Their friends and family made the evening fly by so fast, with great conversation and lively dancing from almost every person there! We had such an awesome time getting to know Casey and Daniel over the past year and cannot wait to see what the future holds for those two!

Dawn and Matthew

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Matthew and I met Nick and Megan when we photographed their engagement session at Lake Lanier last summer. I loved that they went with that environment for their portraits as it echoed their wedding venue feel. They were married at Silver City Farm, nestled among the trees, a lake, and a rustic barn. The weather was cold, yet the love and warmth that the families displayed that day overshadowed the low temperatures. The ceremony took place inside the saloon style building on the property, with high ceiling and beautiful hanging chandeliers. There were amazing vintage touches and charm everywhere we looked.  This place made us feel like we wanted to stay and sip a Coke (or hot chocolate) on the porch and transport us to a simpler time. As Megan entered through the saloon doors to walk to Nick, his expression said what we were all thinking; she looked gorgeous! The rich fall colors of her bouquet and the lace dress, conveyed timeless elegance. One of our favorite moments of the day was when their little girl toddled up them mid-ceremony just to give Nick a hug and run back to her Grandma. It was so precious! After the ceremony, we quickly took bridal party portraits by the lake (did we mention it was cold?) and walked with Nick and Megan to the antique town backdrop that had been set up on the property. We loved the bright colors of the old gas pumps, it made for some super stylish portraits. We hurried back inside to the warmth of the saloon (how cool is it that we get to say that??) and the merriment really began! Well into the night, friends and family danced the night away, celebrating alongside Nick and Megan. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your vintage, country wedding!

-Dawn and Matthew



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I met Liz and David back in 2013 when I was just a fledgling business. I offered a photography session for a raffle to raise money at a local Relay for Life event, and Liz won! We went to Washington Oaks Gardens State Park for their family session and we had a great time capturing some beautiful images. After that, Liz graciously asked me to photograph some other wonderful moments in their lives, including her and David’s engagement session, her daughter’s eight year old portraits, and most recently, their wedding day.

On a beautiful January day, Liz and David planned their New Year’s wedding. We met Liz first thing that day and loved that she and her bridesmaids were planning on riding a limo to the church-such a treat for them! We met them back at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church to prepare for their ceremony. St Cyprian’s is such a dream ceremony location, the light coming in from the stained glass windows is ethereal. The decor of the church, freshly dressed from the Christmas season, matched Liz’s color theme of red and white perfectly. They both beamed with sheer joy as they walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife!

We headed over the Flagler College for some pictures in the gorgeous rotunda and courtyard to pay tribute to Liz’s alma mater. David and his guys were so handsome, and silly at times, in their kilts. We loved this homage to David’s Scottish heritage and were so excited that all of the groomsmen wore them too!

The party continued at Amici’s restaurant, where friends and family were treated to a photo booth, caricature artist, AND a bellydancer! We loved seeing all the smiles and laughs of all the people using the props from Props! Photo booths. Liz and David were surrounded that night by the people that they loved and had a blast partying the night away with them! Congratulations you two! You had a truly spectacular wedding day!
-Dawn + Matthew





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2015 is off to a wonderful start, but the love we saw and shared in 2014 was definitely something for the record books! When we looked back at all of our weddings, our memories lead us to those little moments, the moments often that go unnoticed. A little tear, a look of surprise, a loving embrace, and lots and lots of smiles-those are the ones we love to see and capture! First looks in general we love! There is something so special about seeing the one you love for the first time and sharing that lovely moment with just you two. Those moments of anticipation when you get to see your bride or groom for the first time, bring a rush of emotion and tons of smiles. Another series of moments that are wonderful first looks are Brides getting to see themselves in their dress or putting on their veil for the first time. It’s that moment they exhale slowly as if to say, “I’m ready. I’m going to marry the love of my life today” that we want to capture and preserve forever. Friends and family who have see couples grow over the years and have cheered them on as adults, definitely get teary eyed as the moments of “I do” draw near.

For each wedding, we look for these ‘first looks’. We love them and what they symbolize. They remind us that beyond the months of wedding planning, these tiny moments are the ones that matter to us the most. They are the heart and soul of every wedding.

Please enjoy our favorite emotional firsts from 2014

~Stay Sweet and Strong!

Dawn and Matthew

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  • Christine D - Such a great idea to showcase first looks and nothing but emotion-filled shots in one blog post! While I would have balked at a first look at my own wedding, after shooting several now, I wish I could require them for all couples! It really is so much more emotional and intimate than seeing each other for the first time in front of a crowd. And it puts a more relaxed spin on the whole day and gives the bride and groom time to actually hang out together on their day. Peach and Oak Photography obviously knows just how to capture that emotion beautifully in Atlanta weddings!ReplyCancel

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  • Jessica Collins - I love first look photos! Atlanta has an amazing wedding photographer, YOU! Wow, these are just stunning!ReplyCancel

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When we photographed Sherri and Andrew for their downtown engagement session, I knew their wedding was going to be something spectacular! Sherri told us that she was going for the old-Hollywood glam look on her wedding day (which she not only captures this, but essentially defines it!) and that they were planning a Downtown Atlanta wedding reception.  What way to celebrate our transition to living in Atlanta then with a downtown wedding! On their wedding day, we met both of them at the stylish W Atlanta Midtown. Andrew was casually walking through the lobby with his groomsmen, while Sherri was getting ready in a high-rise suite. The view from the suite was breathtaking, with a view of the midtown buildings and Piedmont Park. Sherri was sitting in front of a full-length Hollywood style make-up mirror, looking perfectly posh and calm. She was the epitome of glamour at that moment! As we chatted about the day ahead, Matthew and I remarked later about how much she was in love with Andrew and how excited they were to be marrying each other! The garnet and gold colors of their wedding stemmed from their days at FSU, and gave the wedding day yet another personal touch. Their ceremony was held in a cute Virginia Highlands church, with close family and friends to observe share in their love for each other. We left for the reception at The Olmsted in Midtown. What a bright and open venue this was! The reception room itself let light in from all sides (a photographer’s dream) and cocktail hour was held in the private gardens and outdoor patio surrounded by the beautiful architecture of Midtown, Atlanta. By the end of the night, the Go-Pro was being passed from person to person and laughter could be heard from each corner. From high school, to Florida State University, back to Atlanta, and beyond, Sherri and Andrew are a beautiful couple that support each other in all that they do. We could not have been happier sharing in their wedding day with them! Congratulations you two! The World is yours to take:)


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  • Michelle Flowers - The Olmstead in Midtown Atlanta is a awesome place to have a special wedding and this couple is just amazing!! What a beautiful bride and I love all of the detailed shots from this special day. The bride and groom are going to fall in love with all of the images! Great job and Atlanta is a great place for such a talented photographer!ReplyCancel

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